Port of Call

I know “minor surgery” sounds like an oxymoron, but that’s what Karyn had today. For those who are surprised by this, so were we.

Talk about quick turn-around: She got a call to schedule it yesterday, and today Karyn got a port. (hello sailor).

A port is something a lot of patients who are frequently stuck with needles get “installed.” Rather than looking for a good vein time and time again, the port is used to administer intravenous medication, contrast dyes and more.

A port is also something Karyn has long resisted. Despite being a notoriously “hard stick” with small, uncooperative veins, she hasn’t wanted the visual marker of “cancer patient” that a port can give, even if she’s the only one who sees it. Two things changed her mind:

1) Karyn’s challenging veins have now reached a level of difficulty on par with Axel Rose. At some point, you just can’t deal with ‘em.

2) She learned ports can now be hidden subcutaneously. Holy bionic woman, Batman! A small lump under the skin is all she’ll have, and the needle can go right through that skin and into the port the same as a needle going into a vial of insulin.

Surgery to implant the port was fast and smooth, and Karyn is home now resting. It’s simply one more procedure through which Karyn has displayed her unparalleled degree of badassary.

9 thoughts on “Port of Call

  1. Total badassery. Can she get emails and texts via this port? If so, she’s gonna get a ton of them filled with love from all of us. Thanks for the updates, Karyn and Todd!

  2. What a relief that this did not become traumatic. Prayers are continuing to keep those guardian angels busy. Love to you all,

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