A Luta Continua


There’s a common lexicon surrounding cancer that can come across as violent. People are said to be “battling” cancer. They “fight” the “enemy” within. They “wage war” against the beast. I’ve not always been 100% comfortable with this analogy but: A) I have always understood and respected it; and B) I don’t have cancer and should just keep those opinions to myself, thankyouverymuch. #PacifistOut

Lately I’ve come to embrace the metaphor. It lends itself to aggressive action verbs that better match what I see from healthcare practitioners, advocates, researchers, survivors and those who have fallen.

Karyn has attacked, combatted, deployed biological warfare and committed war crimes against glioblastoma multiforme. She’s sniped, ignored the Geneva Convention where abnormal cells are concerned and carpet bombed with high-energy radioactive waves. I know it sounds rough. War is Hell.

Despite this atrocious behavior, I’ve seen her infectious and indomitable spirit rally troops to join her cause and fight by her side. These warriors — an all-volunteer army, mind you — have seen a lot of action and continue signing up for tour after tour. General Karyn continues to inspire and never asks of her soldiers what she isn’t willing to do herself.

The battle wages on and Karyn lives to fight another day. For those asking how she is doing, that is the truest answer I can give.

Karyn is a badassary-clad, Warrior-Princess-strong, Bobby-DeNiro-on-a-bad-day-tough, questionable-battlefield-ethics-having super hero that gets her X-Men  mutant strength refueled by the love you continue to selfishly shower her with like she’s standing under Wailua Falls.

Yes, Karyn continues to fight. And I love a woman in a uniform.


9 thoughts on “A Luta Continua

  1. Todd, A luna continua, indeed!! We send our love all the way from K.C. and we are fighting right beside you all. Cancer sucks and there is nothing wrong with being badassary about it.

    Doug & Peg

  2. Can I just say “Woo Rah” or whatever it is Marines (I think it’s Marines) say when they are united as they are, as the troops rally continuously around their General and let her know we are fighting the fight along side her and you! Keep on marching General BadAss and win this war! Love to you and all those at your HQ‼️❌⭕️🐾🐾

  3. Continuing the shower of love; in awe of the strength and spirit Karyn continues to show; thanking everyone who is being of service to her; and asking the Great Spirit to give Karyn and her family some peace, love and compassion so that they may enjoy years of wonderful family life together….

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