Be Careful What You Wish For

We asked for help at home. We got hospice.

That sounds like we were duped. We weren’t. We just weren’t really prepared for the questions we’d be asked or the answers we’d give.

But here we are: Absolutely the right decision and not the one we wanted to make.

Need that optimism we’re for which we’re so well known? All research shows the earlier people go on hospice the longer they live. The term “hospice” carries an undeniable stigma but the discipline has changed dramatically over the years.

Or, said another way, this ain’t your daddy’s hospice. It’s Karyn’s. And, while it’s turning our house a bit upside down, we plan on living with it for a long time.



22 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. Hospice is a special time to meet so many caring and selfless people
    It should offer your family some comfort in the knowledge that you are doing the best to keep your loved one safe and comfortable
    All my experiences have been so positive and we support our local , East End Hospice at all times
    Karyn only deserves the best
    Love and hugs to all
    Xxoo Sharon

  2. Hospice brings so many fabulous, loving, beautiful people into your life! May they surround you with hope and take excellent care of Karyn and the whole family. Sending love and thoughts of a beautiful, peaceful journey to whatever destination the universe holds for you; back to full health would be ideal.

  3. Wilder family – Wendy and I are sending every positive thought and vibe of care your way. We are here for you and with you.

  4. So much love coming to you. I pray you feel all the love, prayers and support for each of you. You are the bravest of brave and your love for each other is so inspiring. That word ‘hospice’ is not a great word. Having help and in home care to provide comfort and wellbeing is really what they do so well. Keeping you all in my prayers!

  5. Yes,dear Todd,we were all so thankful for the Hospice care! Amazing support & the caregivers were beyond anything we could wish. Accept all they can do. So much love is sent to all of you!

  6. And you shall, amazing caregivers those hospice people are, don’t know how they do it but we sure are glad they do, love & strength Wilders❌⭕️

  7. Hospice nurses are angels with a bum stigma for sure. I hope it brings you all the needed support, and Karyn some necessary comfort to live and enjoy each day. Love to you all.

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