“What else can I do?”

We are surrounded by so many wonderful people who are sending love and light, which is needed more than anything else right now. We’re nearly overwhelmed in the best sense of the word by the generosity of spirit and abundance of care you are providing. Still, many are asking what else they can do.

If you’d like, you can give in Karyn’s honor to the National Brain Tumor Society, and consider joining our team as a fellow fundraiser. We’d love to have you, whether or not you can walk with us this September.

To donate and/or join, please click here.

Thanks and love,


5 thoughts on ““What else can I do?”

  1. Todd,
    Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Karyn was special to all of us.
    Roger & Audrey Dietsch

  2. Todd,

    What else can we do? We can (and will) contribute to the cause. We also want to maintain contact through this meaningful blog and hope that you will continue to provide updates with your beautiful writing. Let us know when Lucia goes on her first date. Let us know when Beckett builds the first drone to the moon. Let us know when things are tough at work so we can lift you up! After all, you have everydayleft as well to honor the love of Karyn.

  3. It appears that you are doing everything you can to honor Karyn’s memory, Todd. I never had the privilege of meeting you or Karyn but have so enjoyed reading your posts and hope you will continue to give updates on your family and your fundraising. May God continue to put people in your path to lift you up during this difficult time. My husband and I know Karyn’s Dad and Mom from our days at Winnebago Industries in Iowa. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your children.

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