Celebration of Life

We are hosting a Celebration of Karyn’s Life this Saturday, July 9. If you’re reading this you may consider yourself invited.

Karyn is loved and her reach is wide. The connections she made with people touched them deeply, and she felt the same toward so many.

I know some of you who want to come may wonder if you really should. For example, your connection may have been directly with Karyn, meaning you don’t really know the rest of the family. We’d love to have you and get to know you.

Your connection may be through our kids and you’d like to come to show support for them. Please do. Perhaps you want to come celebrate with Karyn’s parents, brother and other “family” members, born or chosen. Grab a glass.

Short and sweet: If you want to be here, we want you here. Really.

Send me an email at twilder(at)me.com* and I’ll get you the details.

Thanks and love,

* Make sure to use the @ symbol, rather than the (at) in the email address. That’s just to keep away the evil spam robots.


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