Courage Caught on Camera

There’s so much to share about the Celebration of Life for Karyn. The incredible turnout of friends and family had us scrambling for additional chairs on a beautiful July afternoon. The speeches and music by friends and family had us laughing and wiping away tears, often at the same time. The after party had us knee-deep in Tony’s amazing food and adult beverages poured by expert amateur bar tenders. The live music jam went late enough to annoy neighbors who weren’t already there enjoying the tunes (which meant it didn’t annoy anyone). The morning after had us cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and….

I promise to write more about the day, and soon. But today, I want to share something that few people not in the waiting room of Stanford’s Cancer Center have seen.

Karyn was the quintessential warrior. And, like all great warriors, she knew it was important to inspire those around her to fight alongside her. One of the ways she did that was through this very blog. Another was through her work with the National Brain Tumor Society. And, below is a video she made encouraging other cancer patients to participate in drug trials.

When asked to be interviewed on camera, Karyn immediately said “yes,” ignoring her introverted nature. I remember how nervous she was the night before going to Stanford to record it. Still, she never for a minute considered backing out.

After it was edited and produced it was available to watch on iPads in the oncology waiting room. When Karyn saw someone watching it, she’d always smile a little. Any introverted embarrassment she felt was overtaken by the drive to advocate for new treatments and a cure. If she inspired others to say “yes” to a scary new trial,  or helped them to find hope in their own story, it was worth it.


10 thoughts on “Courage Caught on Camera

  1. This was difficult to watch – but then my spirit was uplifted when I realized I was watching the Chief of Badassery. She gave us all a glimpse of true courage in the face of that unrelenting disease.

  2. Damn beautiful Warrior. There is nothing more inspiring than someone sharing their difficult story in order to bring awareness. Thank you, Todd for sharing this beautiful moment with us.

  3. What a beautiful lady…. inside and out! Thanks for sharing this, Todd…. you’re in my thoughts and prayers. xo

  4. WOW! I continue to be so impressed by all that Karen was and will continue to be to so many people, thank you for Shari g Karyn❌⭕️❤️❣

  5. Such a powerful message and legacy left by such a warrior. I only met her a couple of times. I wish I’d known her. She was truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

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