Things I’m learning (While They’re) at Camp

Our children have left the building. They are spending a week at sleep away camp. Their first time. Our first time. Everyone was a little nervous, but at the same time looking forward to the week. The kids because they knew they were in for a fun-filled week. Us because we could play movies with bad language and explosions at whatever volume we wanted, starting said movies before 9pm. I occasionally worry about something happening with my brain while they’re gone, but then I force the thought out of my head, knowing full well that the chances are very low…but there’s still a chance.

So, while they’re gone, I’ve been learning a few things…

If your child insists on buying some Almond Dream Bites right before she leaves for a week of camp…don’t. Just don’t do it. Those little bites of deliciousness will disappear right before your eyes…into your mouth and down to your tummy.

If your children will be gone for a week at camp, get all of your chores done on the first couple days so you can play to your heart’s content afterward. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment rather than feeling guilty and overwhelmed at the end of the week for not taking the opportunity to get it all done. And don’t try to get it all done, you deserve a little fun.

A date night involves going out, talking, reconnecting with your spouse, enjoying each other’s company. It does not mean sitting on the couch watching a movie with bad language and explosions before falling asleep 3/4 of the way through. That’s sad and points to old age, not a week off without children. For goodness sake, fall asleep in a movie theater or in the middle of a performance. If it’s not a date night feel free to change into your comfy clothes and pick a movie while you eat dinner on that couch, normally a forbidden activity.

For all of you women who think you’re wearing the right bra size and yet you curse its incessant poking and squeezing, get thee to Nordstrom immediately. Ask for a bra fitting and brace yourself for amazement. If you’ve already done so, good on ya’.  It’s totally worth the trip to hell…I mean…the mall. Your husband will be happy too since bra sizes are random and your new size may make you sound much more buxom – which, for some reason matters to some men. You don’t have to tell him that it’s all about comfort.

Have you recently gotten a book you’ve been anxiously awaiting, perhaps for months, years even? Has this book prompted you to make strange comments like, ‘I hope I live long enough to see this published and read it.” (After thinking about all of the other more important things you think about when someone tells you you’ve got brain cancer, of course.) I’d suggest putting off reading this book…you will get absolutely NOTHING done the rest of the week. Or…if you’re ready to commit, pick it up and read it cover to cover, only putting it down to shower (optional) or have a cat nap (not optional.) Once you’re done, know that there’s a book 9 coming out and set a goal of living until THAT one comes out 4 years from now. Then start the series over again.

The dog will still want a walk every day, completely oblivious to your limitless schedule. Even he must be enjoying a quiet household, right?

You will still think of your day and your to-do list in terms of when the kids will get out of school. Today, for instance, is an early release day and I must be ready to pick them up by 1:30. Then it will dawn on you that your time is not restricted by the school day. You’ll sit for a minute as you come to terms with this temporary freedom before you carry on with your afternoon’s activities.

As you go to bed each night you will find yourself wondering if they’re doing ok, if they’re having fun, if they’re having a hard time falling asleep, or if someone has fed them a plateful of bacon? Even while you’re enjoying your childless week, you can’t wait for them to come home and tell you all about their first week at sleep away camp.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there are some Almond Dream Bites waiting to be eaten.

Correction: My most sincere apologies to the Hain Celestial Group for incorrectly identifying your delicious little balls of almond ice cream covered in a crunchy layer of chocolate as a Tofutti product. While Tofutti makes a number of delicious fake ice cream products, nothing really compares to your addictive Almond Dream Bites. They are in fact, dreamy.

Summer 2013: Day 3

One child is losing teeth – 2 molars on one side – both of which she pulled herself. That huge gap is reminiscent of the dangers of scurvy or meth. And when did the Tooth Fairy get so flush with cash? I object on principle!

Ironically, as one child loses her baby molars, the other child’s are coming in. I’d forgotten how strange and confusing the sensation/pain of getting new teeth can be to a 6 year old.

We have 3 reasonably clean rooms – see ‘after’ picture for the most challenging room in previous post – I’m currently taking bets on how long they’ll last. Also, now the rest of the house looks like a mess. Our work here is not done.

I don’t HATE Taylor Swift, but I’d be happy not listening to her for at least a month.

Sibling Harmony has an inverse relationship with cabin fever and cleaning fatigue.

Car trouble – my car’s ‘get service soon’ light came on last week. How do I know HOW soon it needs service? Is it a ‘soon-ish’ request or is engine failure imminent?

One of the great(ish) things about a brown tabby is that there’s never a shortage of hijinx, but I’m pretty sure people are tired of me posting photos of her antics on Facebook. I’m thinking of starting a new blog – the Kaya Kronicles? Which immediately gets me singing the ‘Chronic-what-cles of Narnia’. Which makes me think we need to visit the library because my daughter really needs to read those books because they’re classics. Which makes me think about how I pay one city’s taxes while my address is another city. Which through a complicated series of opt-in and opt-out decisions between the city and county triggered the loss of my free access to the county’s public library and that makes me mad! The city library system is too spread out and they rarely have the books we go in to borrow. This causes most of our trips to the library to just end in disappointment. Wait…what was I talking about…?

Today: 6/6/2013

Today is the second to last day of school. My baby graduates from Kindergarten tomorrow. My other baby will be a 5th grader.

Today everyone is feeling good – no sign of tummy bugs and chemo has ‘left the building’.

Today, my eldest pulled out her own tooth – don’t worry, it was ready to come out. Hoping that her retainer will now fit again…

Today I start a new book – I’ve just finished ‘Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight’ – and I’m looking forward to exploring all of my options and talking about them with friends.

Today I need to get some laundry done…and maybe pick up the house a bit.

Today I have officially resigned from my job after nearly 15 years at the company. No regrets.

Today I drive to Stanford to get my monthly vaccine shots. Right leg today. The Hulk(s) are frozen and ready.

Today I’ll try not to worry too much about what my MRI next Friday might show.

Today, we’ll eat a frozen treat after school, practice our breakdancing moves, and enjoy the warm weather.