Driving Me A Little Mad

There are some days where I really hate the fact that I can’t drive. This week, there are a few such days.

Monday, the dog managed to tear another toenail and needed to get to the vet. All of my usual kind & generous drivers were otherwise engaged. I was prepared to call a taxi – which seems ridiculous to me since I have a perfectly good car in the driveway and the keys to use it. My hero – as usual – became available just in time to drive us. THEN we found out he needed to be sedated and it would take an hour or longer. We went to lunch and did some early Christmas shopping while the dog was having the meanest kind of pedicure. While my designated driver didn’t have anywhere to be urgently, I still felt like a total moocher asking her to schlep me (and the dog) around.

Tuesday, I have a desperately needed appointment with my chiropractor. It’s cold and there’s rain in the forecast. I likely have to ride my bike to get there. This shows how desperate I am to have my pelvis and sacrum realigned. This is pain unrelated to my brain (hey, that rhymed!) Maybe I should just figure out the bus lines.

Wednesday, I go to Stanford for my vaccine shots. This process is hours long and since I can’t ride my bike to Stanford, someone has to take me. My hero/neighbor has volunteered for the task. She’s never taken me to these appointments (usually on kid duty), so she’s in for an experience. I’ll be stuck with needles, blood will be drawn, questionnaires will be completed, and waiting with slightly creepy hand ice packs will occur. She’s been present for 2 of my 3 seizure episodes, so hopefully this will be like seeing the lighter side of brain cancer.

Then we need to take the dog back to the vet to have his bandage removed and his wound checked. My husband can help with that task, however.

Thursday and Friday, there’s stuff I’m doing but I can’t remember what right now.

The ugly weather is beginning, so additional driving needs will begin to pile up. There will be occasions where I’ll have to suck it up and ride in the rain. I have a bright purple rain suit for camping, so if you think you see Barney the Dinosaur riding a bike down the street, it’s just me. Christmas vacation isn’t too far away either, so I’m currently accepting ideas on how to keep 2 kids who like to push each other’s buttons busy and having fun for 2 weeks – while at home.

Now that you all know when I’ll be out of the house this week and I’ve vented about my unwelcome dependency on others and hinted at my cabin fever…

The point is that not being able to drive sucks. BUT in the spirit of full disclosure, if my kids get sick or injured and need to go to the doctor or emergency room, I WILL drive with only minor hesitation about breaking the rules. In the meantime, I’ll continue to feel incredibly grateful for the kindness of my neighbors and friends for taking my kids to school every morning, taking me to do grocery shopping or run errands, driving me the vet for my dog with brittle nails, and for delivering me to my ever-present trips to Stanford. I’ll also continue to temper my feelings of guilt for asking so much of them. Fingers crossed that I’ll have driving privileges back in January. I figure if I make it through the stress of the holidays with no seizures, it’s proof that I’m invincible – or at least that my meds are working.