Stuff To Do When You Feel Blue

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Oh no, not another list!’ But here it is anyway.

I’ve heard so many people talking about feeling blue this week, and the same trend has happened over the last few months. It seems that we may have a collective blueness cycle. I thought I’d share some ‘super helpful’ tips on ways to feel just a little better. These are things that work for me (sometimes), maybe they’ll work for you when you’re feeling a little blue. Please note that this list may be more relevant for the introverts – extroverts may want to call a friend, go out dancing, or something else that sounds awesome to an extrovert.

1. Watch Peep And The Big Wide World. Yes, it’s meant for the preschool crowd, but this show will make you giggle. I swear.

2. Run, walk, bike, swim, dance, do yoga, kickboxing…whatever exercise you chose, just get your body moving.

3. Buy/borrow your favorite book – as an audiobook. There’s something very comforting about listening to someone tell you your favorite story.

4. Find a movie that will make you cry your eyes out – like full-box-of-tissue cry your eyes out – and watch it the whole way through. I personally recommend Marley & Me, The Notebook, Up…but everyone has something that turns on their waterworks. Whatever it is, sometimes a good hard cry does wonders.

5. Make a list of things to do – chores and errands, even if you write down ‘shower’, ‘get dressed’, ‘eat breakfast’ – then cross them off. It may help you feel like you accomplished something. Some days, it’s ok if all you can manage is to get out of bed and eat a bowl of cereal.

6. Do something nice for someone else. Send a card to a good friend, just because.

7. Go somewhere really dark – outside – and see if you can find a satellite floating through the sky. It will remind you how big the universe is. Then remind yourself that you’re an important part of that universe – especially to those who love you.

8. Write it down. Journal your feelings, fears, angers. You don’t need to make it public, but sometimes you just need to get it all out of your head.

9. Go get a massage or a mani/pedi – let someone else take care of you for an hour or so. Do NOT go get a haircut – rash choices are typically made when blueness and hair are combined. You may regret it later.

10. Think about your diet – what have you eaten in the last few days? Food is fuel – are you fueling yourself with goodness or junk? (I will always feel like crap after I eat too much sugar or skip a meal or realize I’ve forgotten to eat fresh fruits/vegetables.)

If none of this works, maybe you have other ideas. Otherwise, it’s maybe time to talk to someone – a good friend, a therapist, your doctor. There’s no reason to feel miserable and if you feel like there’s nothing you can do to climb out of the blueness, it’s time for some help. Ask for it and feel better.

(A note for all of my parents and parents by marriage – I’m not feeling blue just now. It’s ok, relax.)