Cigars Are Nasty Gross

We went to a lovely outdoor mall the other night on our way to a family dinner. The Christmas decorations and lights were up and we were strolling along enjoying the view. Then the first cigar arrived. Then the second. Then the third…as we approached the Cigar Bar.

I’m sorry if you like cigars. But I think they are nasty gross. They make me ill. Not just ‘ew, that stinks’ ill. Serious full on headache, nauseous ill that lasts long after I’ve escaped the cigar smoke. I know there are some people who LOVE the smell of a cigar, and clearly enough to smoke the nasty things. While it’s unfathomable to me that everyone doesn’t hate the smell, I understand that sensitivity to smell is a fickle thing.

Sometimes my sensitivity to smell is a blessing, sometimes it’s a curse. Some smells trigger a headache immediately, while others soothe or bring up fond memories. I know this isn’t uncommon, but I find it interesting that my triggers are often very different from other people’s. I know that some smells are linked with an experience – positive or negative – you’ve had. The same is true for flavors, which is why I can’t drink rum. But I digress…

Our dog managed to eat the cat food recently – never having showed interest before, we didn’t think there was much danger. He has a gluten sensitivity and with anything you stop eating for a while (milk, meat, etc..), once you eat it again, it’s going to upset your tummy. Let’s just say that crate training and the after effects of a gluten sensitive dog chowing down on non-gluten free cat food = poop, and lots of it. The associated cleaning experience was unpleasant at best and the smell stuck to me like super glue – even after a long, hot shower. Everyone would hate this smell (and if you wouldn’t, keep it to yourself), but if I made a list of smells I hate and smells I love, I bet it would be different from your lists. So, here are mine…

Smells that trigger headaches or nausea:

  • Garret Station pizza – warmed up leftovers smell almost exactly like the poop. Will never, ever eat there. (sorry if you’re a fan)
  • 99.9% of perfumes & cologne or scented anything – candles, air fresheners, laundry soap, lotions…
  • Cinnamon scented anything – I can eat cinnamon rolls or bread, but just like banana flavored candy tastes nothing like bananas, cinnamon scented things smell nothing like cinnamon and are evil, wicked things.
  • Spearmint – gum, tea, shampoo – doesn’t matter what it is, if it smells of spearmint it’s on my list.
  • Whatever toxin they use to dry flowers – between the cinnamon scented evil and toxic dried flowers, craft stores (like Michael’s) are a horrible experience for me this time of year.
  • Oh, and did I mention cigars?

Smells that make me happy:

  • Lavender in any shape, variety or form
  • Orange blossoms, cherry blossoms, almond blossoms…and night blooming jasmine – from a distance
  • Coppertone suntan lotion (note the ‘suntan’ vs. ‘sunscreen’ – shows how long ago this smell settled itself in my memory) – distinct and unmistakable, it reminds me of trips to the beach in my youth.
  • Freshly mowed grass – I’m not allergic, so I’m lucky.
  • Saw dust – reminds me of my dad building things.
  • Rain – specifically wet concrete right after the rain begins.
  • A certain weed/plant that smells like my grandparent’s farm. Not sure what it is, but every once in a while, I smell it and I’m right back there with my cousins, playing in the barn, throwing a ball over a shed or walking with my grandma to pick wild blueberries or raspberries.

What smells would be on your naughty or nice lists? Or are you completely smell indifferent?