Random Acts of Living

Some things that have been happening between appointments – one of which happens today – to prove that I’m still practicing living and finding joy every day.

Taking a sauna with family, sharing stories and ideas of the world.

Trying to capture one of the many strange/cute things your pets are doing and missing it EVERY TIME. (Can’t go viral with that kind of timing – must work on my video quick draw)

Watching my son push every one of my daughter’s buttons and almost joyfully watch the reaction.

Seeing my daughter attempt to not make mountains out of mole hills and fail (thankfully) to kill her brother – who’s pushed yet one more button. Both of these things drive me mad, but they both do it so well – push buttons and react with explosive passion – that it’s hard not to watch with interest how they solve it.

Regretting the day we got sucked into the Elf on a Shelf trend as we dig him out of hiding and desperately attempt to find new, creative and even funny ways to move him around each night. And sadly watch the ‘Elf suggested’ Acts of Kindness idea we tried meet with only minor success.

Listening to my son learn to play Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and We Wish You a Merry Christmas on his guitar – singing along to ensure he’s getting the notes right.

Helping my daughter to learn about her Finnish Heritage. Listening as she learns facts about birth dates, marriage dates, tales of travels from Finland to America from her grandfather. Seeing her get more excited as she puts it all into a story and prepares to share her scrapbook of old family photos.

Listening to the impromptu jam session my husband begins with his new cajon as my son ‘noodles’ around on the piano.

Seeing my daughter given more responsibility at school by being asked to help with the annual kindergarten winter show.

Going on a date with my husband to have dinner and see a movie, in an actual movie theater. Having adult conversations like other adults do.

Forgetting I bought something for a Christmas gift until it arrives at my door.

Feeling slightly guilty that I’m doing all of my shopping online since 1. I’m still not driving and 2. I hate malls, stores, and parking at Christmas time.

Realizing that the knitting project you hoped to finish isn’t going to get finished in time. Letting it go and coming up with a plan B without stress or worry.

Spending more time living life and less time in a doctor’s office and worrying about what’s going on in my brain. And just every once in a while having that ‘what if it all changes tomorrow?’ thought.